Guessing or Declaring

Predicting or guessing the future can be a hit and miss adventure. If we knew what was going to happen next we could somehow prepare or brace ourselves for what might eventuate. Going to that place where anxiety rules our thoughts of what’s to come is an unhealthy and destructive place to camp. A far

Holding On In Tough Times

Tough times come to everyone, the seasons of life ebb and flow. The good seasons are to be enjoyed and celebrated. But the tough seasons are exactly that – TOUGH Unlike natural seasons with the weather, life can throw you several seasons all at once. One area of life can be going brilliantly yet another

The Road To Success

Finding the Road to Success One of life’s hardest lessons is how to ride the heights of success then plunge to the depths of defeat and somehow miraculously find your feet and rise to be successful again. When it comes to setbacks I’ve noticed there are two types of people, those who take the knockback

Living And Giving

In a world that is defined by MY RIGHTS, MY POSSESSIONS, MY LIFE, Our Christian faith is a breath of fresh air, – we understand that our lives are about something bigger than us. We have been blessed with rights, possessions, a life to live but there is a purpose beyond it all. The Bible constantly