The Road To Success

Finding the Road to Success

One of life’s hardest lessons is how to ride the heights of success then plunge to the depths of defeat and somehow miraculously find your feet and rise to be successful again.

When it comes to setbacks I’ve noticed there are two types of people, those who take the knockback as something that defines their life for ever after.

Then there are those who see it as but a temporary glitch in the overall plan of living a successful life

Unfortunately life is not generally a ride from success to success to success, there are a few bumps along the way. Our future is not only determined by decisions we make in the good times, but also decisions and attitudes when we face setbacks, disappointments, delays and diversions.

Every success we enjoy is a result or product of, – lessons learned, skills acquired or favour given to us by others.

Some success is of our own making, and equally as much is the favour others have given us.

Every stage of life affords us opportunities, but what we do with them is up to us

There are principles that can be applied to life that will ensure defeat is not a permanent state of being.

The life of David in the Old Testament is a great example of how to make a come-back. He enjoyed early success and favour in life, told by Samuel the Prophet, “one day you will be king”, defeats Goliath, leads King Saul’s army to victory.

But for David things take a turn for the worse, he had an early mid-life crisis as often happens. The favour of the King is taken away and in a moment his life turns from a celebrated champion with a great career path to becoming a wanted fugitive. What may have appeared as a temporary setback resulted in ten years on the-run.  His former life of glory and success totally gone.

We know the story, – David gets a fresh opportunity and becomes one of the greatest kings in Israel’s history.

How did he rise again after knowing both great success followed by an even greater depth of defeat, disappointment and delay?

6 Attitudes from David’s life, that will put you back on the road to success

  1. Have a deep sense of knowing that God isn’t finished with you yet
  2. Refuse to get bitter and twisted over negative life events
  3. Don’t allow circumstances or the actions of others to define who you are as a person
  4. Remember God’s faithfulness in your previous battles, and know if God delivered you once He can do it again (see Remember your Battles)
  5. Never reject the call and purpose of God over your life
  6. Have the faith to step forward when your opportunity comes again to ride that wave of success, because another opportunity will come.

The Story of David’s life can be found starting from 1 Samuel 16