An Easier Way To Pray


Prayer is such a huge subject, it’s something as a Christian you know you should do, and feel guilty when you fall short in either the quantity or quality of prayer your engaged in.

Your prayer can so easily become situation focused, by that I mean you have a situation that needs divine intervention. Your prayer is activated because of the present need and ceases almost immediately when the need is met. I think a lot of people live in that zone, prayer for them is about the emergencies that occur in life. Like the accident and emergency department at the hospital you only go there when you absolutely need to.

A better way to live is to find what I call, – a comfortable pace of prayer, a level and quality of prayer you can live with seven days a week. Just like a runner finds the idea pace that he can maintain mile after mile without exhaustion.

Don’t compare your pace with someone else’s, if they pray two hours a day seven days a week, don’t start out trying to match them or compete with them – it’ll kill you.

When you have found your pace it’s enjoyable, non-pressured, motivating, rewarding, something you look forward to engaging in.

It’s often said –“ life is a marathon not a sprint”, we need to treat prayer much the same way, how many disasters and stressful situations might be avoided if we could just maintain a consistent life of prayer, day in day out.

Find your pace !

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